Dragon Dreamers are linked to an expanding network of individuals and groups, part of the growing fabric of sister organisations operating around the world, in various European countries, North and Latin America and elsewhere. Dragon Dreamers everywhere share three commitments –

1. Personal growth; healing and empowering ourselves in order to fulfil our true personal, community and planetary potential. We are much more than who we think we are.

2. Community building; strengthening the communities of which we are a part through community development and community education.

3. Service to the Earth; enhance the wellbeing and flourishing of all life. In gratitude we give back to Earth a little for what has been so unstintingly given to us.

Dragon Dreamers fulfil these commitments through engaging in Projects, either by creating new initiatives, working together with other people, or by working with other organisations. Thus

“Our intention is to lovingly empower ourselves and others to know oneness with  the living Earth, through taking courageous and joyous action, now

Through sharing the commitments and the intention Dragon Dreamers create self-generating flexibly bounded organisation, in which most of the energy is held in the periphery rather than the core. In this way any member can contribute to the healing of our dysfunctional, unsustainable and increasingly violent global society, caused by a faulty relationship between humanity and the living planet. We do this by activities that demonstrate alternative ways of living are not only possible, but are essential for a truly sustainable civilisation in a genuinely post industrial age.

Thus, through their projects, Dragon Dreamers seek to —

  • assist everyone to develop to their full potential, generating opportunities for individual education through stimulating creativity, innovation and fulfilment through awareness and cooperation in community life.
  • create non-consumeristic high quality, low cost, personal and community lifestyles based upon a healthy interrelationship between the induividual, the natural environment, the economy and social life
  • stimulate flexible and resilient economic responses, careful of the social and environmental constraints of a world of diminishing and more costly land, water, energy and resources.
  • promote a socially just, peaceful, participatory and sustainable world economy, nurturing personal local responsibility and self determination as the best means of overcoming major problems.

Throughout the world, groups of people are seeking to change their way of life to live in harmony with the rhythms of the living planet. Most find it hard to persevere, as so many social and economic forces constantly promote ever greater levels of consumption and waste.

The community of Dragon Dreaming practitioners acts as a support group to help those who seek to live in such a saner, simpler fashion. The Projects of Dragon Dreaming provides a vehicle to achieve these goals.

If you are interested in some of the kinds of projects to which Dragon Dreamers are doing have a look at the Projects on this website.  If you feel your project supports these objectives, and you have used any Dragon Dreaming tools in the creation and running of your project, and you would like to show-case your work and spread the word, please enter the information about your project in the place available.

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