No dream can ever be realised by a single person.
The Dragon Dreaming Trainers’ Community of Practitioners worldwide has the dream of a vital, self-organising and empathetic non-hierarchical organisations, made up of many projects which help spreading the idea of Dragon Dreaming andencouraging others to get involved.
We invite you to become involved – support us: with your dreams and visions, your plans, financially, with words and deeds and above all in celebration.
For the realisation of our dream we are currently working on three projects especially: A communication platform (this website), the development of Empty Centered Organisations and the International ConFestival for 2014.

The communication platform

The platform supports and strengthens the Dragon Dreaming Community, by providing international protocols for better communication. Here we gather all our information, understanding, knowledge, and wisdom, and we offer support and help. We also present actual Dragon Dreaming projects on this website, because these living projects may inspire imitation. If you would like to contribute to the platform by publishing your project(s), you will find all instructions here Platform Manual for PROJECTS (PDF)

If you are an active Dragon Dreaming Facilitator or Trainer and you like to publish your trainer profile and events and contribute to the BLOG, please write to your local ADMIN&EDITOR TEAM (find the contact in the same section as here on your regional page) or write to the international team via platform[at]

If you like to start with your local or peer Dragon Dreaming group a own regional site, contact platform[at] for recieving instructions. We are very happy to see regional pages emerging, this is what the communication platform is made for.

The Empty Centered Organisation (ECO)

An ECO is an example project for the creation of an emergent organic organisation structure, in which the power is continually shifted from the center to the peripheral edges and thus to each individual in the organisation. The goal: a sustainable network, self-empowerment, a gift-economy and a new win-win-win economic culture. This means it is a win for the people involved, a win for the the host communities we are a part of, and a win for the livinbg Earth as a whole.  You can find more information here.

The ConFestival

This event – a mix between conference and festival – derived from the idea of the Australian Confests (see wikipedia takes place once per year and is an opportunity for the whole International Dragon Dreaming community to come together, as a community of practitioners. Here we find the chance for reflection and developing further the ideas of Dragon Dreaming and ECOs. We celebrate through sharing our stories of what we have learned through our successes and our failures, and we grow together through empowering ourselves personally and supporting others in their growth and empowerment. We are still working on the planning for this year’s ConFestival – we will keep you posted…

You would like to support Dragon Dreaming financially?

We would be delighted to have your help!
Whichever area of the three main projects mentioned above (platform, ECO or ConFestival) you would like to support, please find your balance point (it lies between that amount which would only be a token and that which would mean a sacrifice for you) and transfer the chosen amount to:


GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG
Angel Hernandez Gonzalez
KNR 1136440801
BLZ (sort code) 43060967
IBAN: DE91430609671136440801


By the way: We are glad about any kind of help, and not the amount is the main thing but bather what is intended by it. So even if you may not have the financial means to support us at the moment, maybe there is another way, something else that you would like to contribute? Get in touch…


The Dragon Dreaming International Permanent Chat

There is now a new media for Dragon Dreamers where they can share ideas, develop new initiatives, solve common problems or otherwise just “hang out”.  By subscribing to the DRAGON DREAMING INTERNATIONAL PERMANENT CHAT on Skype, you join this wonderful developing international community of people who are making a difference all around the world.



Do you have any queries, ideas, suggestions or interesting contacts? Feel free to write us an e-mail.