John Croft und Lizandra Barbuto bieten mit unseren Freunden in Frankreich  im Juni ein neues, sehr spannendes Format an: Overcoming Blockages in Projects 

For a first time in Europe !

The new Dragon Dreaming workshop
Overcoming Blockages in Projects 

Led by John Croft & Lizandra Barbuto  :
The module will receive participants from all over Europe
It will be translated into French and English

Meeting location in Cathar Country
Dragon Dreaming Centre de L’Aude
“Le Jardin Des Possibles”

4 days half of June 23 to June 27,  2014
Places are limited to 25 people

This seminar will allow you to :
Discover the source of your personal blockages in your projects with the awareness of your body and your emotional state experience
Learn how to unlock them through the 4 stages of the process Dragon Dreaming
Find ways to transcend the conflicts generated in blockage to use this energy creatively in yourself and between you and the group.

Purpose : The seminar participants will be able to understand the ubiquity of win-lose games so prevalent in projects and organizations of all kinds. As consultants, they will be able to help others to diagnose where the blockage occurs and provide a remedial program in which blocages can be removed

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For further information please contact:
Pascal Castelle  – 06 23 04 19 75
Olivier Boullet – 06 01 76 79 04
Renaud Darnet – 06 65 39 49 42

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Pascal & Maryse
“Dragon Dreaming Aude”
Le Jardin Des Possibles
Lieu dit : Les Ruines Hautes
11580 Alet Les Bains
Tél : 06 23 04 19 75


Course Content
Dragon Dreaming – Overcoming Blockages in Projects
Dragon Dreaming workshops are usually held in advance of the “Doing” stage of a project, and thus tend to focus on the Pre-Forming, Forming and Norming Stages of a project (in the Dreaming and Planning phases).  In looking at the Storming, Performing and Transforming Stages (in the Doing and Celebration phases) the workshops tend to be theoretical preparations for what should be done.  But no project goes according to plan.  Dragons abound, you do not need to go looking for the areas outside your comfort zone, in every project, they will come looking for you.  The degree to which you understand your blockages and the blockages will determine how well you can dance with these dragons, liberating your power as you do so.  This workshop, developed with the help of Gestalt therapist Lizandra Barbuto of Belo Horizonte, Brazil, will help you understand the sources of blockage at different levels and in different contexts and give you the skills necessary to de-block projects when such blockages occur.
At the completion of the workshop participants will have
Learned of their personal and individual source of blockages in projects and experienced the effects of blockage in awareness of their bodily experience and their emotional state
Found how our win-lose culture automatically produces blockages as a result of fear and distrust, and discovered how this automatically produces destructive win-lose games
Discovered psychologically, neurologically and anthropologically the sources of the separation upon which win-lose games depend, and the symptoms that appear at each step
Learned of the different kinds of blockage that occurs as a result in the different phases and process stages of Dragon Dreaming, and discovered how to unblock
Found ways to transcend the conflicts generated in blockage and be able to use this energy creatively in themselves individually, between themselves and the group, within groups and in taking group projects out to the world
Outcome: Participants of the workshop will be able to understand the ubiquity of why win-lose games are so prevalent in projects and organisations of all kinds.  As consultants, they will be able to help others diagnose where the blockage is occurring and provide a remedial program whereby which blockages can be removed.
Requirement: Attendance at a Dragon Dreaming Introduction or an Intensive Program, and to have completed a project either with or without using the Dragon Dreaming tools.  Residential venue preferred.  Payment of the appropriate fees.
Total Training: 45 hours
Introduction and Welcome
Presentation of the Program
The blocked Dragon Dreaming Wheel
Individual Blockages – the individual origin of win-lose games
Not recognising what you see – symptoms of blockage
Movement theatre – internal dialogue and the body
Blockages between the Individual and Group – neuroscience and conflict
Not saying what you think – symptoms of blockage
Immersion in nature – reconnecting the individual and the world
Blockages within the group – historical anthropology of win-lose and win-win
Not doing what you say – symptoms of blockage
Cradling, Rebirthing and Re-Earthing, Deeper Sharing
Blockages in taking the project out to the world
Not seeing what you do – symptoms of blockage
The Far Future – where will you be
Removing the blockages – Terminal Evaluation