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Invest in the future of the DD community with a contribution to the International Dragon Dreaming Confestival 2015!

The International DD Confestival 2015 will be held in Brazil. For some the possibility of participating seems unfathomable. It might be too far, too expensive for one’s current financial reality or just bad timing however, we the organizing committe does not believe it! Let it be proven that there are ALWAYS ALTERNATIVES, especially when we join together and tap into our support system.

DD community – we want you to step up and make this event happen. The idea is grand, an International DD Confestival in Bahia, Brazil at the Piracanga Ecovillage. Never has there ever been an International Confestival in the Americas. Our goal is to bring together 150 people from all over the world to share, learn and transform at a personal, community and global level. We strive to uphold the DD values and think that it is very important that people interessted in participating in the event do not get left out due to financial difficulties. At the same time we think that it is important that all collaborate to cover the event costs. Therefore, we have offered for those in need, a social registration option, where one contributes their balance point (the point between a sacrifice and a symbolic value). However, we know that this alone will not be enough to cover the costs of the event. Please remember that the event does aim to cover costs but not generate profits and that all organizational work and facilitation is on a voluntary basis. To find out more:

DD Community, we need your help to make this event 100% all inclusive, so that we can cover ALL costs. For this to happen we have devised 2 strategies:

1) Each individual registration application invites participants to donate a monetary value to the social fund. With the contributions made, full or parcial support may be offered to those in need.

2) People unable to come to the event, but that want to support the event, can contribute with their balance point.

Based on the funds that are raised for social registrations, we will be offering support (either fully or partially). In order to receive financial support, all requests will be analyzed. The selection process will use criteria connected to the Dragon Dreaming nucleus and we will aim to benefit those who truly are unable to participate due to financial difficulties. All money will be used to support those participants that are unable to pay the full Confestival fees.

As is such, we genuinely invite those, who will not be physically present, to participate in the project with a financial contribution based on your balnce point, please access the link aqui.

We sincerely thank you for your support and we celebrate both a YES and NO!

International Confestival Organization Committee 2015