Virgilio Varela (Portugal) and Manuela Bosch (Germany) successfully completed the first Dragon Dreaming Project Design as Metaframework for Business  workshop in Porto, Portugal on 15 Р17 January 2016.

This opportunity became possible in collaboration with Katja Tschimmel, managing partner of the Creativity Consultancy Mindshake in Porto, and Alexandre Pereira, an independent Consultant Brand Designer, who works for Gaia Education as Head of Branding.

The Mindshake House, where the training took place, is a space for developing creativity, prototyping and testing all kind of new approaches around creative problem solving and innovation (

The training format was especially designed for participants from business context which are interested in using the toolbox of Dragon Dreaming Project Design as a metaframework and combine it i.e. with Design Thinking tools.

According to feedback from the participants, the most valued tools introduced, were Charismatic Communication, the Generative Question of the Dream Circle and Pinakarri.

The trainer team, hosts and and initiators left very content about having accomplished this new way or bringing Dragon Dreaming into the business world. If you are interested to know more about the possibilities in participating or hosting such a training, feel free to get in touch with the trainers.

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