Dear Dragon Dreaming Community and Enthusiasts, we are very proud to present the updated version 2.09 of the Dragon Dreaming International E-Book. Further languages are follow!

Thanks a lot to Catriona Blanke, Manuela Bosch, Matthias Brück, John Croft, Mandakini Dasi (Monica Prado), Angel Hernandez, Wiebke Koch, Ilona Koglin, Florian Müller, Bernadette Otto and Luiza Padoa for initiating the project in 2012. Many thanks to all the recent translators Barbara Dovjak, Lara Kastelic, Nara Petrovič, Teresa Fernandez, Juliana Simoes, Daniela Pereira, Julia Ramos, Luna Marcén, Rūta Kronberga, Anton Tofilyuk, Sasha Bezrodnova, Rita Tojal, Teresa Silva, Marta Duarte,Pedro Ferreira, Njiza Costa, Virgílio Varela, Catriona Blanke, Uli Bostelmann, Diemut Kostrzewa, Marcella von der Weppen, Marion Wiesler, Dubravka Simonović, Frands Frydendal, Susanne Lautrop and Matthias Brück for his coordination of the versions.


E-Book (PDF)

multilingual  (an update is coming as soon as possible!)

Some languages are integrated in one PDF-File. You can select a language and a “print-friendly” layout, for a favourable black & white print. For using all functions of the multilingual eBook version, please use the free professional PDF “Adobe Reader”!

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Booklet (PDF)

Cover Dragon Dreaming eBook booklet

multilingual  (an update is coming as soon as possible!)

The booklet is for making a printversion by yourself. It has the same functions like ths multilingual eBook. Please use also here the “Adobe Reader”for using all functions. There is enough scace for different kinds of bindings.


E-Book as a paper book for purchase

We are planning to offer the eBook as a paper book, so it can be ordered online or in a bookstore by ISBN. To realize this, we need sponsors for each language and we are looking for people who want help us with realising this plan. We are in contact to a professional printservice (global admin, decentral printing). More details


E-Book translation template

word format | doc

We offer templates to translate the E-Book into different languages. Want to help with that?

If you are interested in translating the E-Book, you can download the translation template (format-doc) and get in touch with ( Translating the E-Book is not being paid. The whole E-Book is a gift for the community, and we dearly wish to keep it a gift-economy-project.


Two Dragon Dreaming Books

While working on the eBook we came up with the idea of looking into possibilities for starting a dual Dragon Dreaming book project. More details. We would need support in developing the strategy, realizing a crowd funding campaign for financing and we would need contribution to the content coming from research and practical experience with Dragon Dreaming.

For more infirmations, please sent an email to