Dragon Dreaming has been defined as “Unconditional Love in Action“.  It acts as a “pattern behind the pattern” or functions as “a pattern that connects”.


Dragon Dreaming is a living systems way of making our dreams come true by running outrageously successful and transformative projects and organisations.  With Dragon Dreaming we experience a deepening identification with the Earth, and a renewal of energy to work for our individual and collective healing. As we draw on this deep ecological self, how do we face this crisis of our suicidal civilisation and rediscover how to listen in gratitude to the inner call of life itself?  All of us are at the edge of a chasm between who we are and who we might become.  How do we build a bridge to unite the two?  We need to release the power of our creative vitality.  But how is this to happen?    How do we maximise our creative potentials on a scale never attempted before? Dragon Dreaming shows us a way.

Dragon Dreaming draws on the long experience of the Australian Gaia Foundation, and the deep understanding of indigenous Australian Aboriginal and other ecological wisdom.  Participants discover a simple, easily applied method of navigating around our nightmares that allows us to create projects that transform and fill our everyday lives with new meaning.

We start by liberating our creativity opening our sensory and extra-sensory perception, re-inhabiting our body, feeling our heart, and by harvesting our memories we come to value our intuition. From there our entire being we can then hear the Dream of the Earth itself calling us forth to explore the strength and ingenuity that it wants to flow through us.

“Dragon Dreaming” shows how such holistic living systems-theory can be applied to any project we wish to undertake.

The Dreaming: Every project starts as the Dream of a single individual, but daily experience teaches 90% of our dreams get blocked in the dreaming stage, and this usually happens because we do not share our dreams.  How then do we make our dreams come true?  The first step is to share your dream and build a team around your dream that assists in making the dream come true.

The Planning: The second stage is to build a plan: people do not plan to fail, they only fail to plan.  Again experience teaches us that 90% of projects do not work according to plan.  This is because the “planners” are seen as the “head” of the organisation, and they blame the “body” of the organisation for not following the plan, whilst the “body” blames the “head” for being out of touch with reality.

The Doing: The third stage is where much of the work occurs.  This is the doing stage of the project, and international figures show that some 90% of business ideas, start-ups or non government community initiatives fail to last longer than 3 years.  This often happens through “burnout” on the part of the initiators, and the lack of effective succession planning. People feel tired and exhausted, because they have not refueled themselves with the fourth step.

Consider now the statistics.  In our conventional world of win-lose competitive enterprises, of every 1000 dreams, only 100 become plans, only 10 plans work according to plan, and only 1 survives longer than three years.  People know this…. they know in the conventional business as usual world, dreams do not come true, and so….. so they give up their dreams.  Aboriginal people in Australia say that when you lose your dreaming you have lost part of your soul.  And the symptoms of soul loss are all around us – apathy, fatalism, powerlessness, living only from day to day, addictive behaviours, seeking happiness through consumerism, easy frustration, blaming the victim in others or oneself, rising levels of depression.  Dragon Dreamers know we need a fourth step.

The Celebrating: The fourth stage of a successful project is celebration.  This is built upon gratitude and thankfulness, acknowledgement and recognition.  It is celebration that connects the doing of a project back to the original dreaming.  We say 25% of any project needs to be celebration.  And it needs to be fully integrated throughout the process.

These four steps – Dreaming, Planning, Doing and Celebrating, reflect four different ways of thinking, four different ways of speaking, four different personality types.  If you are a “Doer” your biggest frustration will be to work with “Dreamers” all day long.  And if you are a “Planner” you find the “Celebrators” are chaotic and disorganised whilst the “Celebrators” find the “Planners” are just boring.  But to make your dream come true, you need all four kinds of people in your project Dream Team.  And if you have all kinds present, you will have a lot of conflict.  Dragon Dreaming has found that we cannot avoid or manage or resolve this conflict.  It is a part of the creative process.  How do we use this conflict creatively in a transformative way?  We have discovered that the best way is to create your dream project as a “Board Game” (called a Karabirrdt, a Noongar Aboriginal word meaning “spiders web”), and by getting your team to play the game, conflict becomes a resource.  And when the game is complete, your project is up and running and your dream has come true.  One of the Dragon Dreaming wisdoms is “if it is not playful, it is not sustainable”.

So do you want to learn how to make 100% of your dreams come true through playing a win-win-win game?  Do you want to discover how to make a visionary Dream Circle, establish goals and objectives creatively through full group participation, make a Karabirrdt game, or sing the budget of your project into existence in 20 minutes, read the ebook here, or come to a Dragon Dreaming workshop.

So what is the Dragon?  The dragon represents what is outside our comfort zones.  As we step out into the unknown, we do not have to go searching for our Dragons, they will come looking for us.  And as we learn to dance with the fears of our Dragons, so we liberate our personal powers that currently lie sleeping.

Our experiential exercises show us that where our fear resides, there hides the Dragon, the true source of our power.  We cannot slay the Dragon but we can face it without flinching, harnessing its energy to our greater purposes.  Going forth to re-engage within a dysfunctional world takes great strength.  We cannot do it without acknowledgment and celebration of who we really are, and the tasks and purposes of our own unique life.  How do we build celebration into all aspects of living?  Only then do our lives become truly sustainable, contributing to the great turning from a cancerous society of never-ending growth, to a world that is truly life sustaining.

“The great teachings unanimously emphasize that all the peace, wisdom, and joy in the universe are already within us; we don’t have to gain, develop, or attain them. We’re like a child standing in a beautiful park with his eyes shut tight. We don’t need to imagine trees, flowers, deer, birds, and sky; we merely need to open our eyes and realise what is already here, who we really are–as soon as we quit pretending we’re small or unholy.”

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