Dragon Dreaming was first developed by John Croft and his late wife Vivienne Elanta while they were both working for the Western Australian Gaia Foundation that they co-founded. All his professional life John has worked in the field of community development, community education and project development all around the world; in Africa, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Australia and New Zealand and since 2006 in the US and Canada, in Europe and Latin America. As a community activist and deep ecologist, who has worked with indigenous people on four continents, he wondered how people in developed “Northern” industrialised societies could reverse the damage they were doing by their narrow consumeristic lifestyles and instead build creative ways of regenerating our environments and fostering strong supportive communities needed for our future.

From 1974 through tertiary post-graduate research at the University of Western Australia, at London University, UNESCO in Paris and the ILO/UNRISD in Geneva, and working in a number of third world and developed nations, he explored the question of why do some projects work so successfully, while others fail so dismally, producing worse outcomes than if they had never been done at all.  From 1978, in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and in Australia, he has worked in community, urban, regional and rural development assisting individuals and groups who have sought to improve their lives in various ways, using techniques drawn from “Community Building”, “Empowerment Education”, organisation development and “Experiential Deep Ecology”.

Dragon Dreaming is inspired by social and environmental activism, the new physics, Gaia and Earth sciences, living systems and chaos and complexity theory, and the ancient sustainable wisdom of indigenous cultures and Australian Aborigines. The method integrates holisticaly aspects which have long been ignored, separated or divided in our cultures: our right and left brain hemispheres, logic and intuition, individual and environment, theory and practice, thought and action, work and play, success and failure. Dragon Dreaming is based on liberating collective intelligence, creativity, cooperation and the sleeping power within ourselves and inherent in our communities.

After the death of his wife, in 2006 John travelled to Germany, and lived until September 2012, near the Lake of Constance, the centre of central Europe. Since then he has been travelling, sharing his knowledge, holding workshops and presentations all over the world. In 2012 he moved back to Australia where he is currently working on his book “Dragon Dreaming – opening the global heart”.  He still spends 6-7 months outside Australia in spreading the methods of Dragon Dreaming in new contexts.

Over the last 8 years there is now a growing worldwide community of Dragon Dreaming enthusiasts and trainers. Some 5,500 people have been trained in the techniques, from Moscow, and Ankara to Ireland, Madrid and Lisbon in Europe, and from Canada and Brazil to Sri Lanka, Ghana and the Congo elsewhere.  There may be as many as 4,200 projects that have made use of some or all of the tools.  These people are exploring the process of forming new Empty Centered Organisations around the world in order to pass on the knowledge and wisdom of Dragon Dreaming.

Come and join this growing community!!

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