Dragon Dreaming is a playful, inspiring, encouraging and meaningful method for assisting individuals and groups who seek to make their dreams come true.  Could that be you?  As a result Dragon Dreaming offers different people different theories, tools, tips, and techniques that can be added to improve the effectiveness of their existing own work.  Alternatively it can provide a pathway, a learning journey, for individuals who have yearned for some time to make a difference and live a more meaningful life by trying something new.  So Dragon Dreaming can help:

  1. People working with project management find inspiration and innovation for companies, organisations and business enterprises of all kinds
  2. Politicians and Professionals working with urban, rural or regional development find new ideas for fostering community ownership and civic participation
  3. Grassroots movements find support with proven methods for the implementation of their ideas for bringing about change in the communities to which they belong
  4. Creative people and artists find methods which accommodate their own way of working that honours their talents and abilities
  5. Psychologists and Coaches find playful methods for building visions, planning, implementing and celebrating new projects
  6. Everyday individuals who may not ever have tried to do something outstanding before but who seek a pathway of making a difference in their own lives and the lives of others

Dragon Dreaming offers simple and playful holistic methods for visionary initation processes, planning, implementation, evaluation and celebration. Are you interested? Then feel welcome to join us as you are invited to follow our Tour.

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