Project Title Project Type Project Phase Location Project Duration
Authenticitys Planing Barcelona, Spain

Project Description

AUTHENTICITYS is the bridge between responsible consumers/travelers and socially responsible businesses.  The goal is to provide people with access to unique, local, sustainable and authentic experiences of a city that they might not otherwise find.

AuthentiCitys is built around current unmet needs: For tourists, AuthentiCitys addresses the problems of i) a growing need for local and authentic experiences, and ii) the need to travel responsibly by having a positive impact on the local city. For social businesses Authenticitys help support their need for capital and visibility

Need Support

As returns on investments have a much longer timeframe, social businesses require a more patient capital, which in turn makes financing and angel investors more difficult to find than traditional ventures.  While incubators and networking groups give social entrepreneurs a supportive environment, these companies still compete with regular businesses through the traditional marketing channels, and need to attract a targeted group of consumers that will support their businesses in order to make them sustainable.  We need to create communities around social businesses and support them so they can grow. These communities are not only existing at a local level, but also around the world. When travelling, they meet.