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2016/06/24 - 2016/06/26 20160624

3 full days Dragon Dreaming introduction training

This  course is an introduction training in a group of 20 participants, to facilitate change processes through projects in organizations and personal life based on Dragon Dreaming Project Design.

Dreaming Earth Ranch
20925 Young Ave Bend OR 97703, US

Manuela Bosch, www.vanillaway.net

online: www.dreamingearth.org, phone (541) 480-0978

2016/06/13 - 2016/06/17 20160613

Authentic Celebration –  The Path to Collective Wisdom @ Schumacher College

An absolutely unique opportunity to experience John Croft, Lizandra Barbuto and Satish Kumar (Indian Philosopher, Peace Activist and Founder of the college) at Schumacher College, one of the finest teaching and learning environments to be found anywhere in the world.
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Find out more about Schumacher College

Schumacher College, Totnes, UK

Lizandra Barbuto, John Croft and Satish Kumar

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2016/06/04 - 2016/06/10 20160604

Dragon Dreaming – Overcoming Blockages in Projects

Findhorn Ecovillage, Scotland, UK

John Croft & Lizandra Barbuto

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