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2017/09/18 - 2017/09/24 20170918

Dragon Dreaming Transition Lab

The international project camp will open up an inspiring, innovative and cooperative space for all change makers, that are ready to make their dreams of an eco-social future come true.

Dragon Dreaming Sessions: Choose within a great variety of sessions about advanced Dragon Dreaming methods as well as tools for body work, co-creativity, storytelling, prototyping, community building and conflict resolution.

Transition Lab: Benefit from the inspiring atmosphere of the group – work, develop, shape, exchange, present and share your projects and gifts. Use the opportunity to get individual feedback on your project by long experienced Dragon Dreaming trainers.


Precondition to participate is basic knowledge of Dragon Dreaming. If you are a newcomer, please check out the Dragon Dreaming Introduction Workshop, which takes place right before the Lab.

Eco-Village Sieben Linden

John Croft, Lizandra Barbuto, Ilona Koglin, Julia Kommerell

Sieben Linden, Facebook

2017/03/30 - 2017/04/01 20170330

Dragon Dreaming Introductory  Course in Portugal

> Who is it for?
This course is intended for people who have dreams, ideas and projects and want to design and implement them on a collaborative and win-win-win basis. Also for those who are interested in knowing new project design methodologies or a human centered approach to carrying out projects and build companies or start-ups.

> At the completion of this workshop participants will have:
1. Learned of the steps and stages for a successful project, and be able to apply this to their own project
2. Experienced a Dreaming Creation Circle for a Project, and be able to use this to create their own project
3. Have seen how to build a bridge between the Dreaming Circle and the Karabirrdt, through a range of techniques including Participatory Objective and Goal Settling
4. Experienced the design of a Karabirrdt for a project, and have some idea on how to use this to create their own participatory design strategy for their project.
5. Practiced by designing and implementing a real collaborative project
6. Created a Project Support Project to follow up and help them with creating their own project


Portugal – Fojo Ecovila



Virgilio Varela


Contact:    info@ofojo-permaculture.org

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