Duration Type Location Trainer Contact
2017/10/03 - 2017/10/08 20171003

Intensive Dragon Dreaming

Odessa – Ukraine

John Croft & Lizandra Barbuto

Contact Person: Anatoliy Lukiyan
mob/viber/whats app : +38 067 487 15 07
email: a.lukiyan@gmail.com


2017/08/25 - 2017/08/27 20170825

In this short course we will develop a creative cycle of construction for people in situations of accelerated and potentially chaotic change.

Dragon Dreaming has specific steps creating involvement of people around a dream, which leverages collective wisdom from the values and personal contributions of all participants so that synergies can emerge and flow.

The approach flows from the construction of a collective dream, opening awareness, and the process of change, through the creation and implementation of real objectives, allowing the monitoring of evolution and the celebration of achievements.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

John Croft and Lizandra Barbuto


+54 11 27477129

2017/11/22 - 2017/11/26 20171122

Dragon Dreaming Intensive

Hosted by Dragon Dreaming Institute and IMPACT HUB


Angel Hernandez


2017/09/08 - 2017/09/10 20170908

Dragon Dreaming Introduction

Hosted by Dragon Dreaming Institute and IMPACT HUB


Angel Hernandez


2017/09/18 - 2017/09/24 20170918

Dragon Dreaming Transition Lab

The international project camp will open up an inspiring, innovative and cooperative space for all change makers, that are ready to make their dreams of an eco-social future come true.

Dragon Dreaming Sessions: Choose within a great variety of sessions about advanced Dragon Dreaming methods as well as tools for body work, co-creativity, storytelling, prototyping, community building and conflict resolution.

Transition Lab: Benefit from the inspiring atmosphere of the group – work, develop, shape, exchange, present and share your projects and gifts. Use the opportunity to get individual feedback on your project by long experienced Dragon Dreaming trainers.


Precondition to participate is basic knowledge of Dragon Dreaming. If you are a newcomer, please check out the Dragon Dreaming Introduction Workshop, which takes place right before the Lab.

Eco-Village Sieben Linden

John Croft, Lizandra Barbuto, Ilona Koglin, Julia Kommerell

Sieben Linden, Facebook