Title Project Type Project Phase Location Project Duration
AGRIC Cooperation Socially Responsible Business Planing Rural area in Cameroon Life
Project Support Community

Initiator Tendong Denis Ngweh
email denistendong@yahoo.com
Tel +237670907899
reference Team Cameroon
Tel +237683163218

Project Tutors

Tendong Denis

Project Description

Agricco Cooperation project is up to the production and processing of High value Agricultural products like ginger, peeper, GALICS and lots of others product so as to ads value to the products. this project is aimed at reducing the rate of unemployment in Africa and hence boosting the standard of living of the local farmers in the rural villages. This is also going to reduce the amount of Energy wastage in agriculture through the implementation of new innovative features and a mechanical agricultural system

Need Support

This project has been projected to a sum of 500000Frs CFA for a start. Attributed to the land coating 1000000frs building and infrastructure 2000000frs seeds for planting 500000frs labour for a year of operations 1000000frs and the utilities shall amounted 500000frs. thus budget has already been subscribed to a tune of 300000frs. will be very much happy to welcome cheerful funders who are interested in the project.


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