Title Project Type Project Phase Location Project Duration
Agricultural Policy for Farmers, not for Markets Survey workshops Finished in seven european countries 2012
Project Support Demeter e.V., Demeter International e.V., terre humaine, A. Boegner u A. Schall

Andreas Boegner

Mit Drachen Tanzen für die Landwirtschaft


Project Tutors

Angelika Schall


Project Image Agricultural Policy for Farmers, not for Markets
Project Description

look at the pdf: afb-Reader below

or on demeter website: http://demeter.de/Verbraucher/Aktuell/Demeter%20fordert: Agrarpolitik für Bauern nicht für Märkte

(the afb-button you will find all the way down after the roll-ups)

Please look also for our next project: “Peasant Knowledge for Innovative Concepts in the EU Agricultural Policy” which is the continuation of this one.