Title Project Type Project Phase Location Project Duration
kAoS KioSk community project, creative activism Finished Secret Island, near Havstenssund, Sweden Once a year in 2010, 2011, 2012
Project Support Manuela Bosch, manuela[at]vanillaway.net



Project Tutors

Manuela Bosch (Dragon Dreaming Facilitation)

Project Image kAoS KioSk at secret island nation festival
Project Description

Secret Island Nation aka Sweutschland is a fictional, temporary micro-nation on a lonely island at the Swedish west coast. Since more than 10 year young people from  Europe and some other countries gathered once a year to experiment a new way of living together by their self-made laws. Jointly, the “citizens” build all infrastructure from scratch and decide about the activities they want to realize while being exposed to the harsh weather at the coast. This intense outdoor experience educates about respecting nature and social interaction. Though SIN doesn’t want to teach you, doesn’t have a mission or doctrine. The aim is to inspire ourselves to a better way of living together, instead of  simply complaining about “Babylon”. SIN seeks to inspire and motivate to become more conscious, positive and active members of “the  system”. Besides the stages, dance floors and bars a special space was created at this festival, to for bringing together these greater intentions behind, to build community and do creative, political actions. This space was called kAoS KioSk. A mix of a Café, little Shop, Chill-Out-Area and Space for various kinds of Workshops: 1. Social and Political Vision – Experimenting With a Better Way of Living Together

  • Sharing philosophy, community building
  • Empowerment and democracy
  • Transforming culture and technology

2. Habitat and Culture of Sweutschland – Local History and Nature

  • History and culture
  •  Caring for nature
  • Island adventures

3. Art and Creativity – Performances, Artistic and Practical Activities

  • Art and installation
  • Performance
  • “Pyssel” space

The workshops were developed collectively upfront within the “SWEUTSCHLAND 2.0 – An interactive direct democracy experiment” program.

Need Support

The project is currently stopped, though might experience a re-brith. If you are  motivated to bring this project alive again by contributing with your energy, personality and true commitment, get in touch.

Provide Support

Happy about sharing all kinds of know-how and experience around participatory festival organisation, self organized workshops, gatherings with nature.


Find a Dream-Circle result in a PDF file below, as an example of the Dreaming Circle (Traumkreis) of the 2nd year of kAoS KiosK in 2011 – written in german only…

Dream circle

Find a Dream-Circle result in a PDF file below, as an example of the Dreaming Circle (Traumkreis) of the 2nd year of kAoS KiosK in 2011 – written in german only…