Title Project Type Project Phase Location Project Duration
Panther Ray - Berlin's first Open Source Recycling Raft for Everybody Community, Upcycling, Open Source Doing Berlin February 2015-open end
Project Support Project Partners: Alba Group (www.alba.info); Open State (www.openstate.cc); Material Mafia (www.facebook.com/materialmafia); IPO Tables (www.ipotables.net)

Email the team: pantherray@posteo.de
Or contact me as DD facilitator and team member: anjaadler@posteo.de


Project Image Panther Ray
Project Description

Have you always wanted to see Berlin from the water and ride towards the sunset together with nice people? Are you looking for a new mobile platform for your crazy ideas, the next club meeting or your birthday party? How about a floating concert of your favorite band for spectators along the waterfront?  We want to do exactly this and build the “Panther Ray” with your support in late May 2015. The “Panther Ray” is the first raft that actively combines fun on the water, joint engagement, environmental awareness and transparency (open source).

Our aim is to:

  1. Create a new platform for fun and actions on the river Spree: The raft will be a retreat on the water from the city – a mobile oasis, where you can soak up fresh sea air or get to know new people. Here you can relax, dance, watch ducks, jump into the water, drink beer…But the “Panther Ray” will also be an unusual place for art and action. We are dreaming of small concerts for spectators along the waterfront, floating theater or political guerilla actions.
  2. Start an open raft community: The raft is a joint project: Instead of Do-It-Yourself, we want to promote Do-It-Together and invite you to come on board with us. We will have regular public raft trips and inform you about our plans via newsletters and social media. You can also suggest actions or be part of our core group and support us, for example, during the construction.
  3. Keep our Spree clean and make recycling sexy: The raft is doubly effective against pollution: Using a net attached to the raft’s undercarriage, we will collect trash from Berlin’s waters (which we then dispose properly). We also build the raft entirely of recycled materials, thus showing that garbage can look cool and that fun can be combined with the useful.
Need Support

We don’t want to be alone on the water – we want to be with you! You can support us on Startnext and be among the first to be invited on our pioneering raft from mid-June 2015. We will return the favor in the best way possible and plan various events. Our project is not for profit but seeks to promote art, engagement and creativity by creating a new mobile space. So, if you  have ideas about what to do on the raft, please do not hesitate to write us. We dream about having the arts & craft, a permaculture garden, political demonstrations, workshops and much more! Also, until the end of May 2015 we are looking for support for the building process, expertise in this field, material donations etc. Our construction will take place from May 25 until May 31, 2015.

Provide Support

We are working on an Open Source documentation for the raft and complete group and project process and are looking forward to sharing learnings and insights.