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Peasant Knowledge for innovative Concepts in the EU Agricultural Policy survey workshops (DD) attended by scientific research Planing In all Member States of the EU the following years
Project Support A Core Group

Andreas Boegner

Mit Drachen tanzen für die Landwirtschaft


Project Tutors

Angelika Schall

for the scientific research:

Stephan Albrecht, Reiner Braun

Project Description

There had been a campaign similar to this before in 2012 in 7 European countries: “Agricultural Policy for Farmers, not for Markets“ (https://www.dropbox.com/s/n25zbf9os8ky0jg/afbReader-14-9.pdf?dl=0). This should start again now in all 28 countries of the EU, because the amount of 120 farmers being in the project 2012 was too small to have a relevant impact on European policy.

We will do survey workshops in all EU Member States with the method of Dragon Dreaming we used for „Agricultural Policy for Farmers“. It is to involve farmers personally and to get statistically secured results for every of these countries and the EU.

The survey will be attended by scientific research based on the farmer’s experiences and proposals. This research should reveal how agriculture can change in the EU, in every Member State and which impulse will be given by that way to agriculture worldwide in 5, 10 and maybe 20 years. On the other hand it should be explored too, what would happen, if there will be no change based on peasant knowledge. Both should be done also with the view on social and environmental development.

Therefore this project will be the perpetuation of the <International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science and Technology for Development> (IAASTD) on an European level, based on farmer’s knowledge. If we can change by this means the trend in current agricultural policy which is in most of the Eu memberstates to support more the big industrial enterprises then to listen to what the majority of all farmers need, it will have a positive influence even to the whole world.

Reading the farmers wishes (https://www.dropbox.com/s/n25zbf9os8ky0jg/afbReader-14-9.pdf?dl=0 page 104-109) one can see that many farmers have a responsible view on the impact their work has on regional and global connections. These wishes are mostly dealing with a different political framework, accepting regional necessities in a worldwide context.

Time is running out for change. Satellite made fotos show big holes in the Siberian tundra. They are caused by former frozen and now melting methane gas which explodes after melting due to the high pressure it develops under the soil. Outbursts with a diameter of about one km of methane gas were also observed in the Northern or Artic Sea. This happens because the earth warms up. Methane is 30 times worse for the climate than CO2. But CO2 strengthens this process and if we cannot stop it, climate change gets irreversible. And this is only one of many other facts responsible for climate change.

Industrial agriculture belongs to the biggest CO2 producers and has its own part on it. Not only in using energy to produce for example nitrogen fertilizer (1-2 tonnes of crude oil to get 1 tonne of pure nitrogen), driving tractors and so on. But we lose millions of tons of humus every year going up into the atmosphere by changing pastures and rainforest into arable land. In this case temperature is also going up directly, because the micro climate is changing.

But agriculture can on the other side be a great help to store CO2 in the soil, if it produces humus to increase soil fertility. Also agriculture can contribute to improve landscaping, plant diversity and micro climate by cultivating hedges and at the same time produce energy using the old and sick wood of them.
In this way agriculture can be used besides its normal tasks of foodproduction as a tool for energy supply, climate protection and environmental conservation.

Using the method of Dragon Dreaming in the project “Farmers knowledge for innovative concepts in agricultural policy” it will create a scientifically founded database with at the same time very personally affected statements which will serve as a reliable decision-making tool for politicians. Therefore it can have an important impact to agricultural development on earth.

The turn in the trend of agricultural policy should start the latest in 2020, otherwise it could be too late.

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