Delavnica na temo “Premagovanje blokad v projektih” se bo dogajala od 22. do 26. maja 2015 na Smolniku. Podrobnosti o delavnici v slovenščini. Delavnica se bo odvijala v angleščini (z možnostjo simultanega prevajanja), zato tudi objavljamo podrobnejši opis vsebine in trenerjev v angleščini.


Evidence shows that the failure rate of small business start-up companies may be as high as 90% within three years.  Similarly the failure of not-for-profit projects to survive may be as high.  Even within well established businesses, over the course of 20 years the attrition rate is enormous.  Why is there such a low resilience and sustainability and such a wastage of human creativity?

Our research within Dragon Dreaming suggests that there is a mix of reasons for failure, much of it stemming from faulty beliefs about the nature of intelligence, about ourselves, about others and our win-lose lose-lose competitive culture.  This workshop allows people to identify the source of the blockages in their lives and their projects, within the individual – where they do not recognise what they see, between the initiator and the primary team – where people do not say what they think, within the team itself – where people do not do what they say, and between the project and the world – where people do not see what they do.  We offer a design philosophy, tools and techniques that enable people to overcome such blockages and show how to build a supportive team of practitioners.

In this workshop we will work with people on:

1. Their personal and individual source of blockages in projects, enterprises and organisations and experienced the effects of blockage in awareness of their bodily experience and their emotional state.

2. Finding how our present win-lose competitive culture automatically produces fosters
psychopathic blockages as a result of fear and distrust, and discovered how this automatically produces destructive win-lose, and lose-lose games.

3. Discovering psychologically, neurologically and anthropologically the sources of the
separation upon which win-lose games depend, and the symptoms that appear at each step, and how to build a new compassionate cooperative win-win-win collective culture.

4. Learning of the different kinds of blockage that occurs as a result in the different phases and process stages projects, enterprises and organisations through of Dragon Dreaming, and discovered how to unblock at each step of the process.

5. Finding ways to transcend the conflicts generated in blockage and be able to use this energy collectively and creatively in themselves individually, between themselves and the group, within groups and in taking group such projects out into the world.

The participants need come open and prepared to see both within themselves and without to discover a new way to act that is both authentic and free, and to reconnect with the larger systems of our world as if they are a part of these systems.


In the Overcoming Blockages we don’t teach exactly about the Dragon Dreaming methods (Karrabirdt, Dreaming Circle or other tools).  We use the deeper inner logic about the 12 steps of the Dragon Dreaming Wheel and present the sources of blockages in each step and talk also about personal blockages that can contribute to limiting of the project. We work with the individual and the project at the same time to really see the projects and try to find new ways of overcoming the obstacles.
We use techniques of self observation, active looking, deeper listening and active speech. We work to identify inner personal and cultural patterns of behavior and give a class in neurology to understand these inner process of our behavior. Then, to take this into practice we use body work, explore group dynamics and depending upon the group we can include dream techniques to look beyond the blockages. 


John portrait 2JOHN CROFT is an international trainer and consultant, who for 40 years has worked in the field of ecologically sustainable community education and community economic development, beginning in London, with London University Institute of Education, in Africa, with the British Ministry for Overseas Development, in Paris as a researcher with UNESCO, Geneva, with ILO, Indonesia with the Ford Foundation and British Council, with the World Bank in the Southern Highlands of Papua New Guinea in Australia with the Gaia Foundation, the Western Australian State Government in Regional Development, and as as a trainer-lecturer in Universities around the world, speaking at conferences, and running workshops and training programs. Co-developer of the internationally recognised Dragon Dreaming methods of Consensual Participatory Strategic Planning for community-based projects and organisations since 2006, this work has spread to USA, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Western Europe (Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, the Netherlands, Ireland, the UK, Finland, Greece, Slovenia, Romania), Turkey, Israel-Palestine, Ghana, Egypt, South Africa and Russia, and he has been involved in assisting Ecovillages, Transition Towns and organisations like the Global Ecovillage Network, and Permaculture Associations in a number of these countries.

DSC_5715 - Versão 2LIZANDRA BARBUTO is a Brazilian international trainer, an occupational therapist, expert in Neuroscience, Human Development and Integral Sustainability, and in Integrative Psychotherapy, Theatre and Spontaneous Movement, in a practice that supports the search for identity and awareness through bodily movement, mental and emotional presencing and authentic freedom. She is also a facilitator of the Guide Way of Nature. A mountaineer and climber, through such challenging work and through contact with Sufism and the School of Gurdjieff she has been a yoga practioner and meditator for 20 years. She is co founder of GENESE, an organization focusing on liberating the power of collective intelligence.  She currently is working in different countries helping people to grow themselves and to make successful projects. Currently completing a post graduate Master´s degree through Gaia University, through her work she has discovered that we can build a better world if people are healthy and well, enjoying their talents successfully and with full and authentic recognition of their contribution. She believes that life is a gift and by taking care of our own we can enjoy this gift in the best possible way; a way that this is only possible as we become aware of ourselves and our true place in the world.