Dragon Dreaming Transition Lab 2017: Make your dreams come trueIt is like a humming beehive. 60 people from all over the world gathered at a utopia test ground. Together they press ahead transition with projects – experimenting with future-oriented methods of designing projects, promoting collective creativity and community building. Their aim: to produce the brightest future we can imagine together. At the moment this is no more than a vision. That’s why we invite you to join us in Septembre!

Are you committed to a better world?

Then come to the Dragon Dreaming Transition Lab and make your dreams come true.

Sept 18th – 24th 2017
At the ecovillage Sieben Linden
Language: English/German (simultaneously)



During the Dragon Dreaming Lab people can co-creatively advance their transition projects ahead – attended and supported by the community and expert Dragon-Dreaming-Trainers like John Croft, Lizandra Barbuto, Ilona Koglin and Julia Kommerell.

The Sessions

Besides an inspiring atmosphere for practical project work, participants may choose between a vast range of sessions on advanced Dragon Dreaming methods, inner process, co-creativity, storytelling, prototyping, community building and conflict resolution.

  • Dragon Dreaming Sessions: Choose within a great variety of sessions about advanced Dragon Dreaming methods as well as tools for body work, co-creativity, storytelling, prototyping, community building and conflict resolution.
  • Transition Lab: Benefit from the inspiring atmosphere of the group and the eco village Sieben Linden – work, develop, shape, exchange, present and share your projects and gifts. Use the opportunity to get individual feedback on your project by long experienced Dragon Dreaming trainers.

Why is this Lab important?

It is said in Africa »If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together«.

The Great Turning and the building of a genuine win-win-win-culture demands we go far and fast simultaneously. In this week, together we will explore ways to do both.

„The Dragon Dreaming Transition Lab will be an innovative and cooperative space for all those who want to make their dream of an ecological-social future come true “, sais John Croft, the founder of Dragon Dreaming.

It will therefore be a place where the participants can already experience their utopias of collaborative work in the present day.


Dragon Dreaming Transition Lab 2017: Make your dreams come true


We especially invite you to attend the Lab as a team or group (minimum 3 people) with a community-project to benefit from the following:

  1. you have a new project, that needs to develop a collective vision
  2. you want to come from dreaming into planing and doing
  3. you got stuck and need time and support to solve a specific problem
  4. you want to start and develop a subproject within your running project

You can come alone

If you want to attend alone, please come with the openness to participate in the project of someone else AND/OR there will also be the possibility to work on your own project supported by others.



We offer special lower fees for teams!

Precondition to participate is basic knowledge of Dragon Dreaming. If you are a newcomer, please check out the Dragon Dreaming Introduction Workshop, which takes place right before the Lab.

Beware of our early bird rebate until august 18th 2017!