Catriona Blanke

Catriona Blanke

Location Lebensgarten Steyerberg, Germany
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About me

Born in 1984, very alive and very active – that’s me. Woman, artist, human being – that’s me.
I have done many things in my life so far, traveled widely, studied life intensely, ever searching for the meaning of it all.
Apart from Dragon Dreaming I work as an independent artist (Singer-songwriter and actor / director). So all things connected with creativity and the act of creation are of special importance to me.
Life is a miracle to me, and I am very grateful that within Dragon Dreaming, I constantly keep finding answers. And questions, ever more questions…

Ever since first meeting John Croft, the founder of Dragon Dreaming, I was fascinated with it. It all started out with a workshop which I attended by chance, and in which I ended up translating for John. That first encounter was followed by others, working together, learning together.
In 2012 I asked John to take me on as his “apprentice”, as I was keen to learn much more about Dragon Dreaming than the regular workshop series allows. And after some thought, he accepted, a decision which resulted in my visiting Australia with him in 2012/ 13, to see Gaia house and experience for myself the deep connection the method has with the indigenous wisdom of the Western Australian Aborigines.
The journey of this “apprenticeship” lasted 1,5 years, before we aborted it due to the difficulty of bridging the gap between John’s worldwide travels and my need for continuous contact in order to learn.
Now however, a few years down the road, I am deeply grateful for that journey as it has changed my life, my perceptions and my Self.

So while always continuing to learn through Dragon Dreaming on a very deep level, trying to understand what’s underneath it all, the philosophy behind it and the larger picture that surrounds it, I also¬† give courses and work as a facilitator for projects and individuals.

I am very interested in the further development of Dragon Dreaming, as I see it as an ever evolving method, which is still only in its “baby shoes”.

Community Building and our way of communication, and the money system and ways of changing it (i.e. through Empowered Fundraising) are of special interest to me, aswell as using Theatre for community communication purposes. (Especially through methods of forum theatre such as David Diamond’s Theatre for Living).

Focus points

– Art / Theatre/ Music

– Empowered Fundraising

– Theatre for Living Facilitation


Status Trainer