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About me


Dragon Dreaming changed my way of seeing, understanding and relating to the world profoundly. And it gave me trust… that we can and will step up to the challenges we collectively and individually face today and that every challenge (every dragon) in life is here to show us something, about ourselves and the world we are immeshed in.

After breaking with my Master Studies with focus on Climate Science I went to Schumacher College, Devon, UK to study Holistic Science, realising that I wanted more than a purely rational, intellectual approach on my quest.

This masters programme I really finished with a thesis that was entitled “Building an enthusiastic learning culture with Dragon Dreaming”. John Croft and the philosophy that he co-created became a big part, both in moving through the process of writing as well as content-wise. John actually came to stay with me in the last week before handing in which turned the whole thesis in a crazy and wonderful way around at the very end.
After 6 years of living, learning, teaching, building compost loos and many other things with Dragon Dreaming, I still dive deeper into it with every day I keep discovering new layers and aspects that unfold themselves in the most suprising, unlikely moments and situations and bless me with Aha´s after Aha´s after Aha´s… some small, some life changing.


Hope is a verb with it´s sleeves rolled up
                                                                                                                Matthew Fox

Focus points

Language in all it´s colors and shapes as a way to better understand ourselves in the contexts we find ourselves in.

Enthusiasm, active hope and the power of positive emotion  as our strongest allies to make our dreams come true.

Holistic and enthusiastic education


Get Active – for a sustainable planet
Schumacher Pilgrimage project


Yes, I´m really enthusiastic about enthusiasm!!!

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