Nara Naomi Nalinii

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Location Currently Findhorn, Scotland
About me

I worked for more than 18 years in the corporate world, doing projects mainly for IT. My last role was as a senior Project manager in a large multinational company. In the past 5 years I started my personal transformation, learning and practicing Yoga, Ayurveda and Biopsichology in parallel to my main occupation. After a while, my heart longed for integration of these two aspects of my personality and I found it in Dragon Dreaming. Now, I dedicate my previous knowledge and experience to projects that move me towards my life purpose and are meaningful on the personal, relational and planetary levels.


My learning journey in Dragon Dreaming started with a call from a friend in 2011, but as the story goes, I didn’t hear the first time. In 2012, I participated in a fish bowl at Rio+20, in which John Croft was part of and I was inspired to follow what that wise man was saying! Later that year I did the Introduction with Ita and volunteered to enter the team that was bringing John to Brazil in 2013. Then I dove deep in the adventure. I was part of the organizing team in São Paulo using Dragon Dreaming; went to Fortaleza to translate a 9-day intensive;  started co-facilitating introductions; was part of the 9-day intensive in São Paulo and one day of the DrDr for Business  translated again in Bridges to the future and finally, did the Training of Trainers in Matutu, MG. The following month I embarked in a plane to the trainers conference and confestival in Austria and was a Dragon’s egg for John at Sieben Linden. Since then I have been using DrDr daily on my personal projects and giving presentations and workshops wherever I go.

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