Dear Dragon Dreaming Fellows,

the foodsharing community is urgently looking for a dragon dreaming pro, who can facilitate a process from 20. to 21. Septembre 2015 in Malo (near Venice, Italy). Foodsharing is a growing community, that saves food from being thrown away (

What is this event about? App. 50 activists will team up in Italy for the so called “Wuppdays” to improve and develope the foodsharing activities (like our confestival) – and they urgently want to be backed up by a dragon dreaming professional. For more information please visit the website:

The event is organzed moneyless. That means, that no fees are possible  and that you have to pay for you travel expenses on your own. But you are welcome to stay longer in that place, meet interesting people, have fun, be part of the foodsharing community, learn a lot and have some vacation near Venice.

Interested? Than please get in touch with Raphael Fellmer ( He’s one of the founders of foodsharing and an interesting guy since he lives moneyless for some time and because of much more things ;-).

I would be so happy, if there’s one of you, who has the time and energy to facilitate, since I really appreciate the most important work the foodsharing community does. Thanks a lot!