Dragon Dreaming facilitates global democracy

MAY 11-13 & OCTOBER 12-14 – BERLIN, GERMANY JUNE 14-18 & NOV 8-10 2018 – SAN FRANCISCO, USA *** // 3-DAYS TO… Improve your leadership skills Collaborate better Connect with likeminds Clarify your path in the Service of the Earth and Humanity *** // 3-DAYS FOR… Community organizers, interested to learn methods to include diverse cultural contexts, beliefs and voices Project facilitators, open to intuition based exercises, that help create insights into complex social dynamics Peers, interested to share their ideas and wisdom about […]

Coming out: Dragon Dreaming Practitioner workshop

We are so super happy to announce Vanilla Way’s new program within the field of collaboration research, networking and life-long learning: The Dragon Dreaming Collaboration Incubator . This series of practitioner workshops results from almost 7 years of field work of applying, testing, teaching, researching and further developing the “Dragon Dreaming” philosophy, model and meta-methodological technology for project design, inspired by ancient wisdom, living systems-theory, Deep Ecology and change management. We are continuously fascinated by Dragon Dreaming, as it serves a more integrative, community […]

Predicting Our Future

PREDICTING OUR FUTURE By John Croft                                                                         21 July 2017 It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves. William Shakespeare We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future. George Bernard Shaw INTRODUCTION What does the future hold? Our views and visions for the future are more important than we think. Anil Seth[1] suggests that consciousness is a result of a process of the creation of our perception of the world […]

Dragon Dreaming Spain: The emergence of a living organisation

Dragon Dreaming Spain: The emergence of a living organisation   Elena Rodríguez Blanco Edited by: John Croft and Angel Hernandez “We are an empty centre organism co-created from authentic relationships.”   The amount of courage necessary to allow something to emerge, while being a part of it, requires strong commitment and consciousness in an individual, where trust and authenticity are the main sources of its strength. For collective emergence to occur, the whole needs to be deeply committed to their own personal growth, to […]

The Dragon Dreaming Transition Lab 2017

 It is like a humming beehive. 60 people from all over the world gathered at a utopia test ground. Together they press ahead transition with projects – experimenting with future-oriented methods of designing projects, promoting collective creativity and community building. Their aim: to produce the brightest future we can imagine together. At the moment this is no more than a vision. That’s why we invite you to join us in Septembre! x Are you committed to a better world? Then come to the Dragon Dreaming Transition […]

The forthcoming collapse of the Western System – a Christmas Post by John Croft

Hello all I hope you have a joyous and rewarding Christmas and a safe, interesting and stimulating (in the best sense) new year.  It has been some time since I participated actively with the Gaia Preservation Coalition, but you are often in my thoughts and I find your analyses very accurate for the problematique of our times. I have since the 1960s been appreciative of the work of Johan Galtung.  Those unaware can see his biography here Johan Galtung – Wikipedia.  I had the […]

Dragon Dreaming Project Design as Metaframework for Business

Virgilio Varela (Portugal) and Manuela Bosch (Germany) successfully completed the first Dragon Dreaming Project Design as Metaframework for Business  workshop in Porto, Portugal on 15 – 17 January 2016. This opportunity became possible in collaboration with Katja Tschimmel, managing partner of the Creativity Consultancy Mindshake in Porto, and Alexandre Pereira, an independent Consultant Brand Designer, who works for Gaia Education as Head of Branding. The Mindshake House, where the training took place, is a space for developing creativity, prototyping and testing all kind of […]

Current Dragon Dreaming Factsheets

Dear Dragon Dreaming enthusiasts and those who want to become one: Find from now on, on the bottom of the page “About Dragon Dreaming – What is it exaclty” John Crofts recent Fact-Sheet collection of 27 papers licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. (design by julia maltry)    

The Secret of Dragon Dreaming – A Children Story

There is a brand new paper from John Croft I like to share with you: The Secret of Dragon Dreaming – A Children Story. Beautyful introduction into the World of Dragon Dreaming on two pages. Enjoy The-Secret-of-Dragon-Dreaming (PDF donwload Link)

Song about our dragons…

Dragon Dreaming in Sieben Linden (Image by Ilona Koglin, www.whoopee-connections.de)

The eco village of Sieben Linden (Germany) was recently again the host of another Dragon Dreaming Intensive Workshop. We had the great luck to find the very talented Singer-Songwriter Benedikt Roth beneath us. He made us the great gift of writing a (melancholy) song about our dragons – and how we do not want to see them. But by ignoring them, they are growing and growing until they are so threatening, that we do not dare to face them. Then, the only thing that […]

E-mpulse Festival 28 & 29 November @ Impact Hub Madrid, Spain

The E-mpulse Festival is a 2-day event bringing together changemakers from all over the world to engage in an immersion around inter-local collaboration, taking place in Madrid on 28 & 29 of November. To face current and future global challenges, we see a need to exchange and build innovative and international collaborations sharing inter-local solutions. During this 2-day festival we will build, experience, question, answer and deepen collaboration with 75 participants from a wide variety of sectors. The E-mpulse Festival is the closing of the first round of the E-mpulse Game. Besides inspiring contributors, E-mpulse Game players will be highlighted […]

Dragon Dreaming eBook

The Dragon Dreaming eBook is already available in six languages. Find out more…  

Salud + Sabor + Territorio: Cosecha de mi Tierra

Conectando pequeños productores con restaurantes como “Crepes & Waffles” Un proyecto soñado a la manera Dragon Dreaming Project Design Tomado de Revista VICE – Colombia. Camila Tovar. Desde noviembre del año pasado, Felipe Macia, Coordinador de Agricultura de Crepes & Waffles, cambió las caóticas calles bogotanas por la tranquilidad del campo. Junto al equipo de producción, mercadeo y compras de Crepes & Waffles, visitó las olvidadas hectáreas argícolas de algunas zonas de la geografía colombiana, como Los Montes de María , entre Sucre y Bolívar, […]

Dragon Dreaming Institute

Dear DD Community, after many years working on and with Dragon Dreaming, Angel Hernandez initiated the Dragon Dreaming Institute with an international Team of Dragon Dreaming enthusiasts. In dialog with the international DD community, the Institute is focused to establish products and services in the entrepreneurial environment which allows their users to foster innovations and establish a supportive and value based culture. More informations you will find on www.dragondreaminginstitute.org

Urgently Wanted: Dragon Dreaming Trainer

Dear Dragon Dreaming Fellows, the foodsharing community is urgently looking for a dragon dreaming pro, who can facilitate a process from 20. to 21. Septembre 2015 in Malo (near Venice, Italy). Foodsharing is a growing community, that saves food from being thrown away (https://foodsharing.de/). What is this event about? App. 50 activists will team up in Italy for the so called “Wuppdays” to improve and develope the foodsharing activities (like our confestival) – and they urgently want to be backed up by a dragon […]

Soulsurf Retrat/Festival: Surfing, Yoga, Dance & Dragon Dreaming

Drear Dragon Dreaming Community and those who love to join. Let’s gather from 21 to 30 of September at the Atlantic Ocean in Portugal to Surf, Dance and Celebrate together. The Retrat/Festival is inspired by Dragon Dreaming and we are naturally integrating the Dragon Dreaming spirit and some of our practices  into the 10 day format.   Our vision of Soulsurf Experience is to gather the different tribes around Dragon Dreaming, Acro Yoga, Contact Dance, Holistic Bodywork, Healing, Surfing and more. So come and […]

Process Design: The first Best Next Step to come into Action

The KARRABIRDT is a wonderful tool to design the strategy for the realisaton of a project in an intergrative, holistic way. At the same time, it is for some groups and project phases too komplex. During the facilitation of the village community and cooperative Klein Hundorf in northern Germany in November 2014, Christian Coors and myself have designed a process, called the “First Step into Action”. The process can help to identify the first best possible step and empower to act it out. The […]

Dragon Dreaming Confestival Inclusion Campaign

Invest in the future of the DD community with a contribution to the International Dragon Dreaming Confestival 2015! The International DD Confestival 2015 will be held in Brazil. For some the possibility of participating seems unfathomable. It might be too far, too expensive for one’s current financial reality or just bad timing however, we the organizing committe does not believe it! Let it be proven that there are ALWAYS ALTERNATIVES, especially when we join together and tap into our support system. DD community – […]

OPOSITOR = PROPOSITOR Por: Enara Amarillo (Dragon Dreamer Colombia)

Estamos acostumbrados a  ver con malos ojos al opositor de una idea, proyecto o algo que emprendamos en la vida. Usualmente el opositor es el “diablo”, ese personaje que llega y nos amarga la vida, inclusive podría hasta acabar con todo si se lo permitimos, por esto es permitido que sea ignorado y hasta eliminado, llevándose consigo el gran aprendizaje que tiene para darnos. En Dragon Dreaming al opositor no se le excluye, al contrario, si aparece este o estos personajes, se les escucha […]

Dragon Dreaming meets Surfing, Yoga and Dance – Soulsruf Experience 2015 in Portugal

There will be a Surfing, Acro Yoga, Contact Dance, Holistic Bodywork Thai Massage, Dragon Dreaming, Social Presencing Theater Retreat/Festival in Portugal coming up in September: SOULSURF We intent to gather the different communities of the practices and also use Dragon Dreaming as the glue, that brings and holds the communities together. We are sill in the early stage of the project and we need your support to make it wonderful by: (1) participating/sharing (early bird ends July 22nd) the event, sign up here www.soulsurf.de […]

Apply now for the first round of Tandem Europe! Deadline is Wednesday 8 July, 2015

Tandem Europe, a new collaboration and exchange programme for culture and social innovation in the European Union has launchend. The call for applications is open now until Wednesday 8 July, 2015. Thank you for sharing this call with your networks by forwarding this email, posting it to your website and adding it to your newsletter. Tandem Europe is the most recent addition to the TANDEM programme family. It is for cultural managers who work on creative solutions that make social innovation possible throughout the […]

Dragon Dreaming International Confestival 2015

  A gathering+festival+conference for the global Dragon Dreaming community, open to all that resonate with this social technology. Five dynamic days of A gathering+festival+conference for the global Dragon Dreaming community, open to all that resonate with this social technology. Five dynamic days of intercultural exchange, celebration and deep connection. An opportunity to revitalize bonds and strengthen a global scale network committed to change for a more conscious society where all win. Registration Application for Registration here (limited spots available, spaces will be reserved upon […]

John and Lizandra do a course at Schumacher College in Totnes, UK – this is a unique chance!!!

This is the absolutely unique opportunity to do a one week course with John and Lizandra (moving through Blockages) at Schumacher College, one of the finest teaching and learning environments to be found anywhere in the world. The college has an enviable reputation for cutting-edge learning and brings together every year the most inspirational leading thinkers, activists and practitioners (amongst them Vandana Shiva, Polly Higgins, James Lovelock, Rob Hobkins, and many more). It is community based and located just a couple of minutes from […]

Inutil Competencia

Por Enara Amarillo Fuente. www.diijoma.blogspot.com En el mundo patriarcal alcanzar la punta de la pirámide es el objetivo impuesto a la mayoría de los individuos a través de la familia, la educación, la religión y la cultura, ser como esos “privilegiados” que aparentemente son felices porque lo tienen todo. Este juego competitivo nos mantiene en un guerra ruin, no solo con aquel que se convierte en derrotero y debemos alcanzar o aquella cosa que a toda costa debemos tener para ser felices y descansar; […]

Crianza y educación navegando en el caos.

Imagen: Cristian Gundtoff Por: Enara Amarillo y Gabriel R.Ojeda Fuente: www.diijoma.blogspot.com El proceso de desarrollo de un niño es un proceso de caos, hay miles de teorías que definen ciclos vitales que para los niñas y niños de hoy día son poco aplicables. La educación que comienza en casa tiene como base algo muy simple y casi invisible, el caos es conocido para todas las madres y padres que viven con niños, nos acostumbramos a dormir poco, a hacer mil cosas al mismo tiempo […]

La Comunicación Carismática

Fuente. Animal Espiritual. http://www.animalespiritual.com/la-comunicacion-carismatica/ www.diijoma.blogspot.com Es un mito que el carismático es solo un privilegiado que logró la clave para cautivar y sin ningún esfuerzo obtener lo que quiere. El carisma es de todos. Siempre hemos escuchado hablar sobre la comunicación, sobre los problemas en la forma de comunicarnos, sobre cómo saber comunicarse es la clave para una sociedad más armónica y menos violenta. Estamos acostumbrados a tener la razón, a tener el mejor argumento, generar el mejor debate y lastimosamente todo esto basado […]

DD-Kreis: Wiederholungsspiel mit Bewegung

Wie können wir Theorie mit Bewegung auflockern und dabei auch noch das gerade Gelernte wiederholen, um die Vergessenskurve zu verringern? Bei unserem letzten Workshop haben Julia Kommerell und ich ein neues Lernspiel ausprobiert, das super funktioniert hat.

Dragon Dreaming Empowered Fundraising Chile & Argentina

There is not enough, more is better, that is the way it is, we have no choice are false beliefs that limit our effectiveness as fundraisers.  Empowered fundraising overcomes these limiting beliefs, inspires and enables us as participants to create the funds necessary to implement our projects in line with our values and visions. Primarily this is about building relationships with others and offering them the gift of participating in projects which add meaning to their lives. The healing of our relationship to money is […]

Overcoming Blockages in Projects – Chile & Argentina

Dragon Dreaming workshops are usually held in advance of the “Doing” stage of a project, and thus tend to focus on the Pre-Forming, Forming and Norming Stages of a project (in the Dreaming and Planning phases).  In looking at the Storming, Performing and Transforming Stages (in the Doing and Celebration phases) the workshops tend to be theoretical preparations for what should be done.  But no project goes according to plan.  Dragons abound, you do not need to go looking for the areas outside your […]

Intensive Dragon Dreaming – Chile & Argentina

In this intensive workshop, the Dragon Dreaming process will be illustrated through exercises on real projects. Participants bring their own project ideas for either existing or possible future projects, in line with the Dragon Dreaming principles: Service to the earth: enhancing the wellbeing and flourishing of the life, Building community: strengthening the communities of which we are a part Personal growth: commitment to your own healing and empowerment. Participants will have the experience of using relevant processes of Dragon Dreaming throughout the workshop, and be able to […]

Come to the international Dragon Dreaming ConFestival 2014, 29 June to 6 of July

Register for the International Dragon Dreaming ConFestival in Germany from June 30 to July 6 now. About 30 wonderful people from 13 countries have registered. We have space for 15 more Dragon Dreamers available. Be part of this amazing experience. Spread the word. More Info and Registration

REGISTER for the International ConFestival 2014 now

Register for the International Dragon Dreaming ConFestival in Germany from June 30 to July 6 now. About 30 wonderful people from 13 countries have registered. We have space for 15 more Dragon Dreamers available. Be part of this amazing experience. Spread the word. More Info and Registration

GEN Conference from 9-13 July 2014 at ZEGG, Berlin, Germany

Hello everyone, I’d like to warmly invite you to join us at GEN-Europe Conference from 9-13 July 2014 at ZEGG, Berlin, Germany, soon after the DD Confestival! Get an updated and personal connection to what is happening throughout the European and Global Ecovillage networks at the moment. Register till May 31 for early bird fees! Share in your networks! Download poster here. Details and registration on GEN-Europe’s website here. or copy and paste full link: http://gen-europe.org/activities/gen-conference/gen-conference-2014/index.htm#c1325.

ConFestival 2014: SIGN UP NOW unti April 30

Dear Dragon Dreamers! We’d like to invite YOU to the International Dragon Dreaming ConFestival, taking place from June 30th to July 6th 2014 in Germany. Let’s create a space for + connecting with active Dragon Dreamers around the globe + reflecting together on tools, methodology, inspiration and values + continuing our empty-centered organization process of 2013 + creating synergies, making commitments, taking decisions + meeting old friends and making new ones and to celebrate, celebrate, celebrate! Program & Preparation For further information and in […]

Sociocracy and the Art of Facilitation

Sociocracy is a great method to be combined with Dragon Dreaming Empty Cenred Organisation philosophy, when it comes to decission making and creating structures within organisations. Here comes a recommendation for a respective facilitation training: Sociocracy and the Art of Facilitation, Part 1 of 4 22-24 March with James Priest & Jan Höglund  

Dragon Dreaming ConFestival: SAVE THE DATE 30.6.-6.7.14

Dear Dragon Dreaming Community, it is time to come together again and celebrate the work and learnings we have done. From the 30.06. to the 06.07.2014 we will come together in the surroundings of Berlin – Germany. We are preparing the ConFestival 2014 for you. We are still looking for the best place and working out the programme. But you can be sure, it will be great. Why? Because it is up to you, to all of us, what we will do during the […]

Dragon Dreaming International E-Book

Dragon Dreaming International E-Book

Dear Dragon Dreaming Community and Enthusiasts, we are very proud to present the updated version of the Dragon Dreaming International E-Book.