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2nd Danube Region Communities Convergence gathering, community and networking event Planen 18th-24th August 2014 (preparation phase is running)
Projekt-Träger Réka Livits -

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Réka Livits

Projekt-Bild 2nd Danube Region Communities Convergence

The Danube CC is a bioregional gathering focused on starting up a network of people and projects working on sustainability and community building in the Danube river basin.

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The purpose of the event is to empower the participants to support each-other, build a community network and start new collaborations.

This will be achieved by the participants and for this we invite communities and organizations to elect gift economy ambasadors . They are the group’s natural networker. They will work with eachother to allow exchange and support between their groups saving time, enregy and resources.

Participants of the event will have the opportunity to exchange experience, knowledge, tools and know-how in the field of community building and sustainable living. This gathering also provides the opportunity of networking for collaboration and building up gift-economy support systems (i.e. exchanging products, establishing regional currencies, overlap projects, etc.).

It is on Gift Economy basis – this means we are not charging a ticket instead we are frind-funding for our team’s needs. The event is not ‘a ready made hand-out’ so we are inviting participants to assume responsibility for running costs of the event like food and materials and to self-organize a solidarity fund for participants that may need it.

It is an international event mainly in English for around 100 to 120 participants. German translation groups will be organized.

We will be using – the gift economy platform to ensure continuity of collaboration after the event. The platform is being prepared to serve during and after the event.

The 2nd Danube CC is connected with the Urban CC through the Community tours project – in which various groups will travel and visit communities and projects in Europe and enable exchanges and cross-pollination. It will start from Berlin at the Urban CC and run for 8 weeks until the Danube CC. Join the tour or sign up as a host!

Please read more about the concept behind Communities Convergence and learn how to use this gift.

We welcome you to create together the world you dream of!

Wir suchen

We invite you to co-create this network with us and make it a grassroots movement! You can become active on our online platform and in our networking events as:

Gift Economy Pioneers – People who believe in gift-economy and collaboration and want to put it into practice with us.

Gift Economy Ambassador – People that represent their community or organization in the gift economy network. They are responsible for the exchange of resources, skills and experience.

We are looking to invite communities, organizations and individuals that are active in sustainability work such as social entreprises, NGOs, intentional communities, ecovillages, Transition Towns and permaculture initiatives and others.

Take the power of co-creation!

You are also invited to co-create the program in advance. You can experience a wide variety of happenings, from lightning presentations and workshops provided by those attending, to group dynamics and a gift economy market. According to the needs and the interest of the participants and the organisations they represent, thematic work groups are formed. They will continue the work on solutions after the event.

Wir bieten

The Danube bioregion includes countries along the Danube river, for instance Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Moldova, but we are warmly inviting people from the wider Central and Eastern European region, for example from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovenia and the Balkans.
It is an exciting opportunity of coming together for people from a region of linguistic diversity and turbulent history. From a region where there are nevertheless many cultural, historical and economic similarities to be discovered.
There is an immense power in sharing and discovering community building tools, different ways of living together, decision making and conflict resolution techniques in a region where for approximately 50 years all forms of self-organisation and authentic forming of community were oppressed and demolished under dictatorial slogans and artificial unions. Creating a Convergence in the Danube bioregion therefore has the potential of healing historical traumas and disputes about boarder lines, encouraging dialogues and bringing people closer to the environment that nurtures them all unconditionally.

The first Danube Convergence was organised in June 2013 in Aurora Community, Romania which was an intensive community building and learning process for all participants. You can read more about the 1st Danube Convergence here!