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Theatre for Transition Learning Village A convergence meeting towards the creation of a community of practice. Planen Rome and across the world one year (first cycle)
Projekt-Träger Uri Noy Meir


Theatre for Transition Learning Village

When: July 20-27th

Where: In and around Rome


A 5-day “Learning Village” programme of workshops, performances, vision exchange sessions and celebration. A 2-day “Acting as a Village” programme of joint creative actions in collaboration with the local transition towns and other sustainable living initiatives in and around Rome.

This will serve the purpose of bringing practitioners (and practitioners to be!) together to teach, learn, co-create and most importantly dream, plan, act and celebrate this emerging community of practice.

The programme would be created through the sharing and cross-pollinating of methods through a participatory immediate creation of the workshops full programme.  Rather than having a pre-programmed pre-scheduled list of workshops the “Learning Village” programme would be through the creative proposals of participants during the village time itself.  The “Learning Village” has a structured programme that will allow this kind of exchange to be as assuring and efficient as possible.

We do this because we try to avoid participants-facilitators to be overly focused on “performing” their workshop or presentation and so not be fully present in the exchange experience itself.

We want to create a transformative learning environment that is based on observation and sensing of the context that gives spaces to retreat and go deep into the source of knowledge and act immedaily from this inner knowledge gained.

From our preliminary survey we could say our emerging future learning village would gain from more than 1500 years of experiences and represents people from methods and networks of knowledge.

This acting immediately would become a collective list of actions that would take place in the second part of the the programme. The 2 days of “Acting as a Village”  would allow the “Learning Village” to crystallize, enact, prototype (try out), embody and finally perform the gained knowledge.

Potentially, the programme will result in a joined manifesto on the role of theatre, in its broadest sense, in the transition towards resilient, sustainable and prosperous communities and a life sustaining culture.


We want to make this a collective horizontal experience of skills sharing. When signing up for the learning village, we will invite all ‘villagers’ to list skills they care to share. The programme would be structured with liberty, allowing participants to offer workshops, presentations and other ways of exchanging knowledge, skills and more. While the organizing team will make sure to have just enough structure to have the most productive and “safe” chaos possible.

We would also have a time to act and perform as a village. in the last days of the village we would create together with the local transitioners an event of straw theatre and TfT creative actions. Straw theatre is an emerging network of cultural events in Italy, in which starts with audience and performers building a theatre from straw bale together, in the event everyone present (with the facilitation of the presenter) invited to perform, present or act, audience and performers are equal and the event ends with everyone dismantling the temporary theatre with much respect to the earth, to each other and themselves. This framework would allow TfT villagers to also present scenes, stories, images and improvisations created in the village.


We want to keep the costs of participation as low and as accessible as possible, so we ask everybody how can to help in the organizational process. The costs of participating will be an estimated €35 per night, plus a personal donation/gift according to ability and choice towards the future of TfT. Stay tuned for more info when it will be available.


The Logistics working group is working very hard to explore the options for our accommodation. Stay tuned for more info and feel free to help out!

The bigger picture:

We see this Learning Village as a boost for the network/community of practitioners of initiatives in the field of theatre and transition all over the world. Alongside the organization of the Learning Village, a logo and online platform for this international community will be created that can serve as an exchange platform. The programme in Rome will allow for sessions to plan joint activities as network or international working groups. At this point the idea also exists to ask facilitators of the learning village to write short articles about their work (including tips & inspiration for other facilitators), that will be edited into a bundle, the first book on Theatre for Transition. More info on this part will follow.


Please register by sending an email to We will then send you a registration form, you will only be registered after filling out this form.


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We are welcoming a anyone interested to join the growing support circle and future villagers.  you can help with our gathering information tasl here:

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Looking forward to connect and support individuals, groups and networks interested in Theatre for Transition.


Lynn van Leerzem, Uri Noy Meir, Domnik Werner,  Frederik Krups, Demetra Stavrou, Dorotea Pace

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Lynn van Leerzem, Uri Noy Meir, Domnik Werner,  Frederik Krups, Demetra Stavrou, Dorotea Pace