There is not enough, more is better, that is the way it is, we have no choice are false beliefs that limit our effectiveness as fundraisers.  Empowered fundraising overcomes these limiting beliefs, inspires and enables us as participants to create the funds necessary to implement our projects in line with our values and visions. Primarily this is about building relationships with others and offering them the gift of participating in projects which add meaning to their lives. The healing of our relationship to money is the basis of this work. With Empowered Fundrasing we can succeed in building an economy of sustainability and mutual respect.

Discovered the source of our wound about money and fundraising; have discovered the basis of the gift economy, through the gift of leading a meaningful life; have practiced Charismatic Win-Win Communication as a way of sharing about their project(s), in such a way as to encourage participation; identified their personal balance point as a contribution towards their project, and committed it to their project;  identified the basis of relationship building, seen a role play and have created one for themselves; learned of the steps and stages for a successful fundraising project, and be able to apply this to their own project.

Requirement: Possible attendance at a Dragon Dreaming Presentation.  Residential workshop is preferred.


El manzano, Chile


About %s

I am Brazilian woman, I love the live and learn and learn. I have one daughter 15 years old. I practice sports, and nature sports. Meditation is part of myself. I am occupational therapist and specialist in Human Development.  I am a specialist in Neuroscience and Behavior and Integral Sustainability Specialist. Trained in Integrative Therapy School SAT. Coach of the Dragon Dreaming method and the Guide Way of Nature. Co- founder of GENESE - Human Potential which operates in human development processes aimed at achieving through the body, nature and participatory methods, a focus on collective intelligence.