Dragon Dreaming International E-Book

Dear Dragon Dreaming Community and Enthusiasts, we are very proud to present the updated version 2.03 of the Dragon Dreaming International E-Book.

Go to the site with the current version of the Ebook.


Thanks a lot to Catriona Blanke, Manuela Bosch, Matthias Brück, John Croft, Mandakini Dasi (Monica Prado), Angel Hernandez, Wiebke Koch, Ilona Koglin, Florian Müller, Bernadette Otto and Luiza Padoa for their great work and support.

This is version 2.03 of the E-Book and includes some corrections of misspellings; it is a work in progress. Please help us to improve it: make comments and tell us about any spelling mistakes you might find (these will lead to “Upgrades” of the E-Book, i.e. versions with a new number after the dot).

If you want to suggest enhancements about the content (i.e. how some processes or methods are described etc.), please also comment them. We will incorporate them too, but collect them & discuss them. These improvements will lead to an “Update” – i.e. a new number in front of the dot.

Soon there will also be the possibility to translate the E-Book into different languages. Want to help with that? We will keep you informed.

If you are interested in translating the E-Book, please get in touch with me (brief-at-ilonakoglin.net). Translating the E-Book is not being paid. The whole E-Book is a gift for the community, and we dearly wish to keep it a gift-economy-project. Other changes – i.e. participating a Dragon Dreaming workshop for translation – are possible.