In this intensive workshop, the Dragon Dreaming process will be illustrated through exercises on real projects. Participants bring their own project ideas for either existing or possible future projects, in line with the Dragon Dreaming principles:

  • Service to the earth: enhancing the wellbeing and flourishing of the life,
  • Building community: strengthening the communities of which we are a part
  • Personal growth: commitment to your own healing and empowerment.

Participants will have the experience of using relevant processes of Dragon Dreaming throughout the workshop, and be able to identify potential blockages and discover how to design remedial processes that overcome them.  Background information and group exercises enrich the seminar. In addition a follow-up-system for supporting each other during the implementation of each participants’ own projects is developed.

At the completion of this workshop participants will be able to

  1. Undertake a Network Analysis for their project team, and uncover the Song Lines that have brought them together
  2. Have conducted a Dreaming Creation Circle for their own Project and understand how it can be used to recruit new members of their team.
  3. They will have used preparatory processes including Participatory Objective and Goal Setting to lay the foundations for their own project plan.
  4. They will have established their own Key Performance Indicators for their project, and have started designing systems by which this unleashes creativity
  5. They will have created a Karabirrdt for their project, and used it to begin work on detailed planning of their project
  6. They will have planned activities for their project for the next six months and have organized appropriate follow up and further training

Outcome: The establishment of at least a six month long project, which when complete creates a team of people capable of leading a Dragon Dreaming Presentation or Mentoring another person’s Dragon Dreaming Project.

Requirement: Attendance where possible at an Introduction to Dragon Dreaming & has the beginnings of a project team.

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I am Brazilian woman, I love the live and learn and learn. I have one daughter 15 years old. I practice sports, and nature sports. Meditation is part of myself. I am occupational therapist and specialist in Human Development.  I am a specialist in Neuroscience and Behavior and Integral Sustainability Specialist. Trained in Integrative Therapy School SAT. Coach of the Dragon Dreaming method and the Guide Way of Nature. Co- founder of GENESE - Human Potential which operates in human development processes aimed at achieving through the body, nature and participatory methods, a focus on collective intelligence.