Title Project Type Project Phase Location Project Duration
The first community owned windfarm in Australia Community Building, Service to the Earth Finished Denmark, Korrabup bioregion, south west Western Australia 10 years from Dreaming to Celebration
Project Support Sky Farming Pty Ltd at www.skyfarming.com.au

Andrew Woodroffe at awoodrof@iinet.net.au

John Croft at jdcroft@yahoo.com

Project Description

In Europe Denmark gets 80% of its stationary energy from community owned windfarms. Perth, Western Australia, is the second windiest capital city in the British Commonwealth, after WWellington,  New Zealand,  and it is even windier on the south coast near Albany and Denmark. This project was an initiative dreamed by Paul Llewellyn and Andrew Woodroffe, with its initial Dream Circle in 2004.

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Spread the word. Visit www.skyfarming.com.au/normal/dcw.htm and see the construction

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