Dragon Dreaming in Sieben Linden (Image by Ilona Koglin, www.whoopee-connections.de)

The eco village of Sieben Linden (Germany) was recently again the host of another Dragon Dreaming Intensive Workshop. We had the great luck to find the very talented Singer-Songwriter Benedikt Roth beneath us. He made us the great gift of writing a (melancholy) song about our dragons – and how we do not want to see them. But by ignoring them, they are growing and growing until they are so threatening, that we do not dare to face them. Then, the only thing that helps us is to embrace them in order to transform them to something helpfull… But listen to the song, and hear the message deeply for yourself. Enjoy!


Please be aware that all rights belong to Benedikt Roth. If you want to use the song in any way please contact me and I’ll get you in touch with him. Thanks! Ilona