Annette Dölle /

Location Amsterdam, the Netherlands
About me

Born in 1976 in Friesland, but moved to Amsterdam when I went to theatre school. I became more often aware of the influences growing up in a small village had up on me, and the qualities that were hidden within. Now I embrace both – the person that loves nature, relationships and Dutch ‘soberness’, and the one who wants to innovate, develop and embrace goals as quickly as possible. Dragon Dreaming had an amazing influence on this process.

I studied a lot (I just love schools, can’t help it!)  – became a primary school teacher (Jenaplan and Freinet vision), went 4 years to theatre school, studied drama therapy, Sociology in University of Amsterdam, and lot’s of coaching and training courses. It made me grow as a person and in a professional way. I worked in special education for several years, in mental health care for young delinquent men ( in a small team of 3 persons), and as a system coach/therapist with families who were facing extreme obstacles. Since 2012 I’m a social entrepreneur, which is a lot of fun and adventure at the same time! In march 2015 I started up my own business school for adults ‘De Akademie’.

Focus points

Bridge building  in all possible ways. Mostly between government, entrepreneurs and civilians. Helping corporate businesses to listen to their celebration and dream qualities more often, and vice versa for non-profit organizations, to embrace planning and doing and ‘see’ reality. I focus during my trainings on making things more simple, easy going, ‘gezellig’ and with clear goals at the same time.


Initiator country Clean Up ‘KeepitCleanDay’.

Initiator ‘Uitgestelde Koffie Amsterdam’.

Creator & Director documentary ‘Het is hier Nooit af.’ (june 2015).

Founder business school ‘De Akademie’.


Still loving theatre and music a lot. Trying to make it part of every project I do. At the moment (spring 2015) I’m finishing my first directed documentary about social innovations in the area I’m living in Amsterdam (Bos en Lommer).

Status Trainer