Deep Gratitude for your wonderful soul __ In memoriam Christian Coors
About me

In memoriam of a wonderful friend and partner and inspiring Dragon Dreamer with radiating energy, enthusiasm and commitment. Thank you for the time together, for all the Aha´s, quiet moments, every smile that you shared….


We are all visitors to this time, this place.

We are just passing through.

Our purpose here is to observe,

to learn, to grow, to love…

and then we return home to country.«

Aboriginal proverb

The gap that Christian leaves behind with his sudden death, cannot be closed. Unique was his work, his commitment, the loyalty that I was allowed to feel. But what emerged from it, is even greater for me: The wave of compassion, sympathy, solidarity, new opportunities … yes, the mere visualisation of the global community that we are.

That we are connected as Dragon Dreamers beyond our individual topics, only really reached my awareness  with Christian´s death and has deeply touched me.

Manuela Bosch, Germany


I experience Christian’s death as a great loss for me personally. We were just at the beginning of a jointDragon Dreaming project and I was looking forward so much to learn from him and to spend more time with him. Now he has taught me the biggest lesson of all : – You are a dancing node of matter in a constant process of flow. To comprehend that and to draw a pacifying certitude from it, is so incredibly difficult that every time I think of Christian, mourning and confidence grab me at the same time.

Sven Gumbrecht, Germany







His life:

Christian grew up near Lake Constance in southern Germany, from where his journey led him to several places in Western Europe and, eventually, once around the globe. In Berlin, where he was located, he feel as much at home as in many other places, yet he decided to stay here and make this city his base.

His  particular potential arose wherever he could establish new links between objects and aspects that (seemingly) couldn’t be connected before – which is very much one of the principles of permaculture. His underlying motivation thereby was always to get the best out of the cycle of personal growth and changes of and in his environment.

Since 2012, Dragon Dreaming has been particularly important to him. It was much more than just a method to him, because it facilitates such projects and processes; it serves as a catalyst for internal and external growth and, at the same time, is a source of energy and inspiration which he shared, passed on, and applied in project development and support workshops.


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