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About me

“Stay in the question and live into the answer.“

Since the beginning of summer in 1974, when I was born and growing up in the “heart of Europe”, in Vienna/Austria, due to my manifold interests and my passionate curiosity I keep drawing my trail through the world like a butterfly. So far my path led me from the secondary school focussed on modern languages to communication design, professional video film production for industry and economy, early childhood pedagogy, professional acting, singing and dancing on stage and in short movies, voice-over-work and teaching, artistically inter- and transdisciplinary projects between arts and science, EU-projects in adult education, website-content-management, co-research in the practice-oriented early childhood pedagogy, on to a one-year-long journey across Europe, where I gathered additional, most different and precious experiences.
Supplementary to my professional/practical experiences I added diverse further education and networking, as well in artistic fields as in pedagogy, communication, economy, sustainability and project management & design. (see below)

Again in early summer, in the year 2011, I met Dragon Dreaming – and this approach to projects, the whole philosophy, immediately touched my heart and soul on a deep level. I did the Intensive and right away the Empowered Fundraising Workshop. Delighted as I was after this experience, together with 3 other people, I co-organised – as a Dragon Dreaming project – an international Train-the-Trainer-course in Austria, which I certainly attended, thus being certified trainer since 2012. About three quarters of a year later I complemented with the “How to build an Empty Centred Organisation”-Workshop.

Imaginative right from the cradle I am enthusiastic about spinning ideas and developing projects. My main talents are communication on different levels (also non-verbal like expressive movement, dance or singing), gathering and (re)distributing information, establishing links and connecting people, ideas and projects and giving energy-balancing, harmonising treatments. I am good in listening and observing and due to my various own experiences and my networked thinking I am able to fruitfully coach others.
It makes my heart jump and be happy when I may contribute with the whole spectrum of my being to the evolving, sustainable thriving and prospering, to the blossoming of people, their ideas and projects.

For me Dragon Dreaming is a “missing link” within our world. It allows us to communicate attentively and openly, to use the full potential of diversity by co-creating joy- and playfully with equal rights (without hierarchies) thanks to being connected through our dreams and visions. In my opinion the fields of application for Dragon Dreaming are unlimited.

I especially love about Dragon Dreaming that it is not a rigid “method”, but – as everything else in the world – in a permanent process of flow and further development. Fed by the international, permanently growing community of Dragon Dreamers, new thoughts, ideas and experiences continuously find their way into the existing material, guaranteeing sustainability and up-to-date relevance.

Focus points

Individual and project coaching
Vision- and Innovation development, Holistic project development
Workshop design and training
Making Dragon Dreaming accessible for educational establishment
Dragon Dreaming for start-ups and existing companies
Balancing action & being
Womens’ advancement
Evaluation (reflection/celebration)


i.a. Co-Organisation of the Train the Trainer-Seminar 2012 in Austria, school development project using Dragon Dreaming in Belgium, creating a Grundtvig-seminar-design „Dragon Dreaming for teachers and trainers”, creation of a concept for a Dragon Dreaming project in Kindergardens, Co-dreaming of the 3-days-open space-workshops-event „Ultimate Prototyping“; Foundation of the artistic and interdisciplinary association „KA‘ULA“, transdisciplinary projects „ Second Beauty“ and „TheatrAAL“, EU-projects „JOEL“ and „DEEP.COM“; diverse individual coachings and many successful energy-harmonising treatments


Education: Non-Violent Communication -Introduction workshop, Original Play – Introduction Workshop, Dragon Dreaming (trainer) incl. Empowered Fundraising and Empty Centred Organisation, Visionautics (EU-Grundtvig-course for Vision creation and implementation), “Money & Life: developing skills in economy” (alternative and women/human-friendly models of economy, 2-years extra-occupational course of seminars), “Stars under the Cobblestones: Multicultural skills for teachers & trainers” (EU-Grundtvig-course), Gender & Diversity Training, “UNIUN” (University-Alumni are founding business) for business foundation / post graduate certification, Drama Acting (Diploma, 4 years studies), Kindergarden teacher (Diploma cum laudes, 2 years college), Communication Design (certificate, 1-year intensive-course);
Videofilm-production/assistance in all fields, Basics in digital trick & post production;
Energy-balancing and –harmonising treatments (cycle of seminars following the “Crucible Training” by Rosalyn L. Bruyere)

Status Trainer