Uli Fischer

Ulrich Fischer
83703 Gmund/Tegernsee near Munich / Germany

E-Mail: uli@fischer-evolution.com
Web: www.fischer-evolution.com or www.mindful-tourism.com

Location Munich, international
About me

“As a traditional Project Manager and Business Consultant I am deeply convinced that Dragon Dreaming´s time has come NOW to enter the world of traditional business.”

Since over 14 years of expertise in Business Consulting and Project Management supporting international clients in Europe and Middle East (Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Automotive, Telecom, Consumer Goods, Fashion & Sports.)

My Consulting and Coaching approach is enriched by the wisdom of John Croft´s Dragon Dreaming and with my education in Shaolin Inner Martial Arts (Shaolin Wahnam Institute, Malaysia). They are both connected through their core values of Compassion and Insight.

Dragon Dreaming – a healing formula to “re-fuel” burnout organizations?
The current challenges in companies, as conflicts, loss of creativity and engagement, increasing mental and emotional stress, loss of life energy will not be solved by any technology. For this it needs a completely new work atmosphere and new spirit how to collaborate. Dragon Dreaming for me is the answer and living example to liberalize enthusiasm, respect and mindfulness and create sustainable success.

Focus points
  • Dragon Dreaming Facilitation / Training
  • Projektmanagement & Facilitation
  • Personal Coaching
  • Offline Retreats
Status Trainer